A friend recommended Mo to me. She had taken her stand up paddle board yoga classes last summer and felt she was an excellent teacher. I was looking for a private ski instructor because at the age of 44, I’d never been downhill skiing and was quite scared given my history with concussions. My family was getting more into the sport and hated that I couldn’t participate. Mo was the perfect instructor for me. She helped me gain confidence by using very thoughtful steps in helping me build a series of small skills that all came together. I couldn’t believe that the first day I was moving down the bunny hill with a huge smile on my face. She did a great job of helping me move at the right pace for me, safety, with piles of enjoyment. I’m hoping to work with her again next winter.


Monica Costa is a dedicated individual who has an extreme passion for everything she involves herself with. I feel extremely honoured and blessed to have the pleasure of knowing such an exceptional and powerful individual. Monica has expressed much enthusiasm and encouragement in my growth in the sport of skiing as well as the activity of yoga. I would highly recommend Monica Costa.


Mo is a knowledgeable instructor and encourages with a very contagious spirit! I have participated in SUP on the Bay and Yoga with Mo and she has a gift for sharing her passion for an active and healthy lifestyle. Mo’s teaching is methodical and at the perfect pace that makes you feel you are progressing. I’m looking forward to more summer activities and honing my ski skills with her next winter!


This is a chance for me to sing the praises for Monica who is a brilliant friend and has also stepped into so many other roles in my chaotic busy life.

First, Mo has taken the time to counsel me in troubled period when a loved one was struggling and she gave me the strength to help them – sometimes in person, on zoom or phone calls – she was never far away.

As for helping restructure and get me back into a happy living space, Mo is a total pro! Her words “Like with Like” are in my head and now I can always find things!!! She is tireless and amazing.

Lastly, we had our first breathwork session a few weeks ago and I was happy to enjoy the time with her BUT truly amazed at the feelings the poured out of me and the joy that filled me soul. Her voice – talking me through the session was beyond beautiful and kept me grounded.

All in all, if you are blessed to have Monica Costa in your life, you will always be stronger and never alone! Xo Sent with Love and Admiration. cool


I lucked out finding Monica to improve my intermediate skills.  She is a gem.  One lesson with her and it was clear that her intentions were to help me achieve my goals.  She showed up to each lesson having thought about the improvements she wanted to see from me and challenged me.  It didn’t take much time together for me to conclude that she is instructing because of her passion to help others. Her queues and her language are simple and easy.  She watched every move I made and then talked about ways to correct or improve my technique on the chair ride up.  Not a minute is wasted during a lesson with her.  Monica presents herself professionally but knows how to have fun on the hill.  I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her during the winter of 2022 and made great progress.


Good morning Mo 😍I wanted to just reach out and thank you again for holding last nights class. It was an experience that I can’t put into words, yet a feeling I’m still feeling today. The vibration and energy flowing through me today, is at an ultimate high in every magical way. I was able to release and forgive myself for situations and experiences that I didn’t even realize were still in me. I’ll be forever grateful that you allowed such a safe space for me to feel all the feels ️ You have such a beautiful bright light-Thank you for showing up and for being you. ️ I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you again soon!


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