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Has the last couple of years thrown a wrench in you or your littles skiing?
Do you feel like there are too many cobwebs to dust off?
Is your confidence shaken?

Have you ever got to the top of a run and thought – what the heck was I thinking? I can’t do this. Nope, No way! Not gonna do this. No black diamonds, no bumps for me!
I sure have! Even crossed my arms and stomped my foot “No!”

What would be possible if you said YES and skied any run as if it were your favourite?
Had the confidence in your skills to ski any terrain? Skied freely vs by colour?

You can do hard things. Believing and granting yourself permission to fail, get messy, be exactly who you are. Inviting new & fun sensations, honouring where you are, how far you have come, is a mere stepping stone for what’s next. Your ski journey awaits you.
Let’s go ski!

Short Story

I learned to ski as an adult, thinking if “they” friends, colleagues, and kids can do it, so can I. You see, no one in my family skis. My introduction to skiing was a grade 6 school trip to Mount St. Louis Moonstone. Followed by a trip to Talisman, then a long pause until high school ski trips – oh the stories! It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I bought my first pair of skis – Rossignol 198’s, remember them like yesterday, they were skinny! I even wrapped them and put them under the Christmas Tree. True story!

Fast forward to the current day, after many hours of training, learning & continuing education, I’m grateful to share the love of this sport with you. From my introduction as a “never ever” (grade 6) to officially learning how to ski (in my 20’s) and getting certified, I believe we can accomplish anything. Mindset is key – Anything is possible.

Nugget: No matter your age, skill, or ability, through patience, compassion, and kindness for where you are on your journey, you can do challenging things.


Whether I’m playing on snow, training in the bumps, tackling the steeps or bringing it back to the greens, skiing is full of possibility. I love working with all levels. Littles, never-evers, beginners, or intermediates hold a special place in my heart, when you link your turns, stop confidently, ski the run you thought you couldn’t – the smiles say it all. My heart is full!


 Are you ready to MO•SKI?

Certifications & Training:

CSIA Level 3 Teach
EL Coach
Working with Children

Special moments that fill my soul: CSIA Merit Award, CSIA Outstanding Service Award, Craigleith Instructor of the Year, Craigleith Greg Lee Award, personal development days, training days, passing my CSIA Level 3 Teaching exam. Many handwritten cards and big hugs from students, I am in love with this sport and can’t wait to share it with you.

Private 1:1 – $85

Semi-Private (2)* – $150

Duration: 1.5 hours

*Depending on skill level of participants, private sessions may be more suitable.

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