Welcome!  I am looking forward to working with you. Please read this information carefully.  The purpose of this Agreement is to share details about working together so that we both are clear as to what each of our respective roles are and how our communication will take place so that our time will be positive, productive, and comfortable.

 This Agreement is being made between Monica Costa 25 Beaver St.S. Thornbury, ON (“Coach” or “me”) and client’s name, client’s address, city, state, zip (“Client” or “you”).  We both legally agree to the following:

1. Program Description

Your Program (“Program”) includes:

  • Discovery Call: A “meet & greet” for us to connect and see if we fit. Giving us an opportunity to evaluate where you are right now and what you’re hoping to achieve.

  • What’s Possible – Single Session: 1 x 60 minute, one-to-one Zoom coaching session, as needed: a quick check in, just because. I’m here to hold space for you, to listen and see what’s possible.

  • Open To Possibility – Introductory Offer: 3 – 3 x 60 minute sessions, one-to-one Zoom coaching sessions, One per month for 3 months, New Clients Only, 1 Time Purchase, Expires: 4 months from purchase date. Includes: access to the free PIVOT Methods App.

  • Find Your Possible – Continued Coaching 5: 5 x 60 minute, one-to-one Zoom coaching sessions, One per month for 5 months, Expires: 6 months from purchase date. Includes: access to the free PIVOT Methods App.

  • Created Possibility – Coaching On Demand 12: 12 x 60 minute, one-to-one Zoom coaching sessions, One per month for 12 months, Unlimited email access (24-hour response time), Expires: 12 months from purchase date. Includes: access to the free PIVOT Methods App.

What is Pivot Methods Accountability

It’s a practice were we create a word of accountability with you, through listening, impactful
questions and building lasting habits! You will have access to Pivot.

What should I bring to our coaching sessions

Come prepare with a journal & pen. Have an open mind and smile.

What time zone are you in?

All sessions are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What currency & formats of payments do you accept?

All charges are in Canadian dollars.
PREFERENCE: E-Transfer: Please send payments to:
Alternatively we have STRIPE and can accept credit cards VISA or MasterCard.

What is Power Yoga (Yang energy – brighter, warmer, masculine, flow)?

Fun athletic flow linking movement to breath, connecting to your own power allowing you to
move and release freely.

What is YIN Yoga (Yin energy – darker, cooler, feminine, stillness)?

Poses are held longer, creating space to come to your edge, find stillness and breathe. Where in
a power flow we encage muscle, in Yin there is no muscle engagement. We move slow & slower
from pose to pose, allowing for release.

What is Restorative Yoga?

Fully supported, allowing the body to release onto it’s fullest expression of comfort and rest,
maotning the benetfits of a yoga pose.

What equipment will I need for yoga?

At the minimum you will need your yoga mat, water bottle, towel. open mind and a smile. If
you have props like yoga blocks/strap/bolsters, you can bring them depending on the class
you are taking.

What should I wear for yoga?

Comfortable exercise clothes that work for you. If you have something that wicks or transfer
moisture away from our body, great. If your prefer cotton, great. Wear what works for you

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